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Who is The Best Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta

Written by Scott J. Mowery

In this article, we will explore potential ways to find Who is The Best Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta and what steps you can take to protect your rights in court.

Finding The Best Personal Injury Attorney

You may not know this, but finding an attorney when you need one is not an easy task – there are so many things that need to be considered. What is their experience level? How much do they charge? Where are they from? These are all valid questions with important answers that matter a lot more than you think.

But first things first. Let’s talk about how you can actually locate the best attorney for your case.

Talk to someone recommended: If you know someone who was in a similar situation as yours, ask them for advice and recommendations on a good personal injury attorney. Personal recommendations like these are important.

Review their credentials: Look at the credentials of the attorney in question to see if they have any experience with similar cases. They must have a lot of trial wins and a high success rate to ensure that they are indeed the best lawyer for you.

Check their past verdicts: This one is really important if your case involves serious injuries or death, and you want to make sure this lawyer is worth hiring. Check their previous verdicts and see if they have a good track record.

Ask them for references: What you need to do is to call the attorney’s previous clients and ask them to tell you how satisfied they were with their representation. This can point out the strengths of the lawyer, and it should help you pinpoint the best one for your case.

Ensure that they are accredited: Once you have found the best lawyer for your case, it’s important that you also check to see if he/she is accredited by the Georgia Supreme Court. This will help you make sure that they are authorized to practice law in the state of Georgia.

Check their location: You may or may not know this, but a good personal injury lawyer should be located near where you live. It’s important that you pick a lawyer you are comfortable with. Plus, if your accident happened in Atlanta, the attorney should also be located here.

Compare fees: Lastly, but not the least, another good way to find the best personal injury attorney is to compare their fees. Every lawyer charges differently (some may charge on contingency basis, while others may not), and so it’s recommended that you try and compare their fees to see who is more affordable for you. Remember – cheaper isn’t always better.

The Best Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta

So, now you have all the information you need to find the best personal attorney lawyer in Atlanta for your case. Remember – being injured is not a pleasant experience at all, and it’s important that you treat your case seriously. In the end, it’s up to you to make an educated decision on which attorney you want to hire.

We have listed some of the top personal injury attorneys you can find in Atlanta:

1. John C. Whitehead

John C. Whitehead is one of the best personal injury attorneys in Atlanta and a serious contender for the title of the best lawyer in town. He represents clients through litigation and negotiations, ensuring that justice is served making sure their cases are winnable at all costs.

Whitehead has served as an appellate attorney as well as a public defender, which allows him to work in both small case matters and big-dollar cases alike. He has the legal experience to help you get what you deserve, and Whitehead is well-respected in Atlanta’s legal community.

Whitehead represents people who have been hurt due to someone else’s negligence. Whether it be a traffic accident, medical malpractice, slip/fall accident or a work injury, he will fight for your rights to ensure you receive due compensation.

2. Michael J. Broach

Michael J. Broach is another personal injury attorney in Atlanta that has proven to be one of the best in the field, and his work speaks for itself. With over 20 years of experience, Broach has successfully defended his clients through the courts and provided them with a favorable outcome.

Broach represents clients with all types of cases, including those involving wrongful death or medical malpractice, and his cases have consistently paid out hefty settlements to his clients who were injured.

He also helps clients to work on their cases at no cost to them, as he is a member of the bar association. Broach handles cases on a contingency basis and doesn’t charge any upfront fees up front, meaning there are no surprises if you win or lose.

3. James E. Hirschberg

James E. Hirschberg is another personal injury attorney in Atlanta that has won the respect of his peers and provided him with awards for his hard work in the field as well. Hirschberg has a history of winning verdicts in his favor and is known for his meticulous work ethic.

He has the legal knowledge to help people with serious auto-accidents, slips/falls and wrongful death cases. Hirschberg works on a contingency basis, so you are not liable for any expenses if you win. He also helps clients with all types of cases, so whether you have been hurt in an accident or someone close has died because of negligence, he will fight hard for your rights.

What Are Other Personal Injury Attorney Firms in Atlanta?

You can contact the above-mentioned names in this list. However, if you would like to work with a law firm, instead of individuals, then this section is for you. We can recommend Morgan & Morgan, The Kalka Law Group, and Butler Law Firm in Atlanta for you.

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